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Giovanni Turri
CIO and Co-Founder of NewHopeU

Does this platform offer you everything you need? What would you like more?

To recap the functionalities you have now:

  • Posting problems, ideas to discuss and blog posts with attachments and social sharing
  • Direct messages
  • Notifications that arrive by email or Telegram
  • Group forming
  • Creation of tags for each of your posts
  • Personalized streams based on the proposed topics


What would you need to improve your experience?

Comment here :)

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Giovanni Turri
CIO and Co-Founder of NewHopeU

How can we engage elderly to use videochat and tell their stories or some knowledge to their nephew?

Old people have a lot to teach, so could help to increase literacy rates during their spare time!

We could analyse who has old smartphones to recycle, how to install there videochat apps and which Internet Access Points (radio or wired) are available at elderly's houses (to understand internet coverage).

Then some volunteers could collect and distribute phones/PCs following pandemic's safety rules

How can we organize this?